Find you perfect match

How To Meet Your Perfect Match

It often seems like a daunting task to find a salon, spa or stylist that fits you, your personality and your needs. But in reality, it’s a lot easier than you think! We created a guide for you to follow when trying to find the perfect style – or stylist that works best for you!


  • Ask For Recommendations From The Salon: Describe your current hair and what you’d like to achieve – sending pictures can be a huge help too! We then can give you an unbiased recommendation and match you to a stylist that fits both your needs and your personality.
  • Learn Basic Terminology: Balayage vs Highlights, Foiling, Root Shadow etc. Knowing what the keywords and trends look like can help you give clear direction to your stylist and provide you with a better idea of what you are looking to achieve with your cut or color!
  • Check Out The Staff Bios: At JA we provide a full list of our staff online for both of our locations, so feel free to do a little research to see which stylist seems to be a good match.
  • Scope Out The Social Media: Get inspired for your look by checking out a salon’s social media account! At JA, we showcase not only our stylists but different haircuts, colors, and styles on our Instagram and each location’s Facebook pages. Check them out Here and don’t worry, we won’t tell if you ask us to copy another’s client’s look!
  • Receive a Consultation: Booking a complimentary consult before committing to an appointment can be a great way for a stylist to not only see and get a feel for your hair in person, but also get to know your personality and desires a little better. Booking a blowout is a great way to interview a stylist you’re interested in!
  • Be Realistic: Pinterest is not always the reality—bringing photos is a great guideline but not an exact science. We always try to achieve the style or color as close to what you’re looking for but always remember, everyone’s hair is different – a style on one person might not look the same on you.
  • Change Stylists: Don’t be afraid to change it up! Our JA team consists of over 40 stylists and not everyone is the perfect match for a particular client, we work as a team so there are no hard feelings if you want to try someone new!
  • Always Communicate: Speak up and collaborate. We can’t nail your look unless your honest and open with what you do or do not like!


  • Ask For Recommendations: Describing your needs in regards to skincare or personal conditions to a manager can help them place you with the perfect service or products for you.
  • Check Out The Staff: Again, doing a little research can be a huge help when looking for a specific service or to see if someone would be a good match. Say you’re interested in a deep-tissue massage, take a look at our massage therapists to see who enjoys performing that type of service!
  • Change Technicians or Therapists: No one’s feelings will be hurt if you’re not getting your dream results with a particular technician. The beauty of JA is we have a dedicated team filled with technicians with different strengths but one goal – for you to leave with all of your needs met!
  • Be Upfront and Honest: Especially during a massage, your therapist can’t feel what you’re feeling so let them know about preference on pressure and pain. You can also always change the gender of a therapist, or the type of massage you’re looking for to reach your ultimate satisfaction.

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